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Young Associates:  AGORA 

In spring 2016, Young Associates put together a series of events exploring contemporary issues in art, and in particular those affecting young artists. The title of the series referred to a central space or square in city-states of Ancient Greece. The literal meaning of the word is "gathering place" or "assembly". These events were designed to bring together an open forum of young artists working in Norwich.  

This series of events was been informed by some of the issues that the Young Associates encountered whilst running projects over the last year, including paying artists, providing support and opportunities and the role of peer-led practice. These discussions were a way to address these topics in an open forum in order to create a supportive environment for young people interested in the arts to share knowledge, experience and ideas and to think about how to work together to develop a peer-led network. 

The Young Associates took it in turns to project manage and chair each event, designating tasks as well as suggesting areas of research and topics for conversation. This peer-led project illustrates the important role the Sainsbury Centre can play, supporting students and recent graduates to build their professional skills and to think critically.