Would you like your visit to relate to project work which you are already doing in school, or would you like some ideas as to how to focus your visit to the Sainsbury Centre? You might like to theme your visit or to choose to focus your study on a cultural group, an artist, a technique, a material, or a subject...

We have listed below some suggestions for visit themes. The list has been compiled from popular requests over the years, often because of strong links to the curriculum.


  • What is Sculpture - working in 3D
  • Animals in art
  • Portraits, Faces & Heads,
  • Masks, fashion & costume
  • The Figure / The Human form


  • How people live, homes, food...
  • Performance, puppetry, carnival, celebration, dance, music...
  • Religion, ritual...
  • Self-sufficiency, sustainability, re-using and re-cycling materials


  • Specific countries / continents: India, Egypt, Africa…
  • Environment, landscape, rivers, the coast (farming or working the land?)...


  • Moore: drawing, maquettes and sculpture. Understanding 3D.
  • Giacometti: drawing and sculpture.
  • Picasso, cubism, and abstraction.


  • Design & Architecture: The Sainsbury Centre building, exploring structures...
  • Pattern – organic or from nature & geometric
  • Decorative Arts - focus on Art Nouveau.
  • Shape and form
  • Colour


  • Textiles, Weaving & Basketry
  • Ceramics - working with clay
  • Photography & Film


  • Drawing from objects, techniques in perspective etc
  • Painting
  • Carving
  • Casting


  • Learning a language, learning to talk about art
  • Creative writing, stories & narrative


  • What is a Museum? Curation & Display of objects
  • What is World Art? - exploring the World at the Sainsbury Centre
  • Analysing Artwork, asking Questions...
  • We are also happy to offer general introductory visits, introducing the Centre; the Sainsbury family story, collectors etc..
  • If you are working on a project or topic which is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss tailoring your visit to suit.
  • There are examples of objects in the Sainsbury Collection which could be used to support a project on these themes on our Pinterest page