Our Approaches

The schools programme at the Sainsbury Centre is available to students groups of all ages. It is flexible enough to allow you, as a teacher, to use our collections and exhibitions in a way that suits you and your pupils; relating your visit to class project work, or allowing students to pursue independent study.

At the planning stage, you can choose the amount of input you would like from our staff. We are happy for you to self-direct your visit, or, our learning team and artist-educators can offer tours and workshops.

Drawing in the Collection

The Sainsbury Collection is a rich resource which can be used to support visits on numerous themes. We can help you to select objects to study which link to a project which you are already doing, or we can suggest themes which you could use as a starting point for a new scheme of work.

As well as being the perfect place to develop knowledge of art, craft, and design, a visit to the gallery can also enrich numerous other subjects on the curriculum. The design of the gallery emphasises the importance of the visual experience; the enjoyment of looking at objects without the distractions of large information panels. This gives you the freedom to make personal responses to the collection, to make connections between objects and cultures. 

You can travel through time and around the globe in the Sainsbury Collection, and each object can act as a window for you to see the world differently. A visit to the gallery can develop your knowledge of world cultures and stimulate your imagination.

Artist Workshop