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Artists Workshops

Our team of Artist Educators are available to lead workshops for groups of students of any age. All of the workshops which we offer are 90 minutes in duration, and all are linked to themes in the collections or our exhibitions, but the content of each workshop will be different for each group. We design all of the sessions to suit your needs, and in response to your project or theme. The workshops are all led by professional artists and educators. The Artists that we work with have a wide range of specialist skills and interests, so based on what you hope to gain from your workshop, we will select a suitable Artist to deliver it for you. 

  • Gain a new perspective on the collections and exhibitions.
  • Develop practical skills and learn new techniques
  • Try working with new materials
  • Experiment and risk trying a new way of working
  • Stimulate the imagination and creativity

Include an Artist workshop as part of your visit, to gain a new perspective on the collections and exhibitions, and to develop students' practical skills. Workshops provide an opportunity to learn new techniques, to try working with new materials, or to build on previous experiences. Benefit from Artists' expertise and experience, and gain an insight into their professional practice. Find out what inspires them, and how they develop their ideas into finished art works.

Stimulate students' imagination and creativity, and allow them the freedom to make choices about the work they make, whether working individually, or collaboratively. Students will engage in discussion, share points of view, and evaluate the work they make.

Photographs from many of the workshops we have delivered are available to view on  Flickr Pinterest.

Artist Workshop