Learning / Research


Sainsbury Centre Learning  programmes are underpinned by research into the subject matter that guides them, as well as the learning outcomes and developments that take place. Often the research is practice-based, reflective and observational, and on-going. 

The research projects presented on these pages are often part of a continuum, one leading to another. We try to collect and present data in such a way as to enable us to return to it for further reflection and analysis.

Questions & discoveries

There are many different kinds of research documented in these pages. Whether the research is subject-based and academic or rooted in practice and personal discovery, research is led by questions. 

Basic questions are the first tool of research and good research is guided by the best and most searching questions. It is stating the obvious, but questions frame what we want and need to know, and research continues as the process of addressing them.

Learning Research Seminars 

Learning research Seminars are a regular forum to discuss current practice and research in the field of gallery learning. Each session focuses on a different topic, presented by one or two speakers. There will be time for critical discussion as well as sharing practice and meeting fellow professionals. The Learning Research Seminars are free to attend.