Learning / Projects / UEA Festival of Literature for Young People 2016

Multimedia Mapping

How many different ways can you chart a space?

As part of UEA's Festival of Literature for Young People, MA Fellows from the Sainsbury Centre worked with students from local secondary schools to make experimental maps of Norwich Millennium Library, inspired by John Christie's creative representations of his walks around the Sainsbury Centre. ‘Looking Beyond: Conversations between John Berger and John Christie' is an exhibition inspired by the correspondence between Berger and Christie. In his first letter, Christie writes 'Let me take you on a visit to a favourite place of mine', and uses photos, postcards, typed and handwritten words to map out his journey around the gallery and his responses to the artworks that he encounters. Students responded to these letters by exploring spatial story-telling. The workshop pushed participants to respond inventively to different aspects of their location at the Millennium Library.

After slicing up the library space with masking tape partitions, the students worked collaboratively to create written, drawn and collaged responses to the environment, whilst sharing and reacting to traces left by each other as they swapped their work and built up layers of detail. Together they produced a large interpretative map of the space, and then followed it to undertake different journeys. Finally, students chose sections of the map to turn into postcards and begin their own correspondences.

The workshop helped participants to focus on different ways of experiencing and charting the physical and emotional environment of the library and built on their work across the day of developing stories through creative conversation.

Start your own creative conversations... 

What story would you tell about a journey around a gallery? Come and take part in message exchange and write or draw a postcard about your experiences in the Sainsbury Centre. Post it in our message exchange box and pick up someone else's response in return.

For inspiration, have a look at some of the hundreds of cards that have passed through so far.