Object Handling

Our team of gallery staff are available to run 90 minute object handling sessions for your students, giving them the opportunity to learn directly from museum objects in their own hands. We have special collections of ritual, ceremonial and functional object from other cultures which students are allowed to touch and to hold. Not only does this allow for a close examination of the materials, surface texture, and pattern, the experience of this direct contact is incredibly powerful, resulting in deeper engagement with the object, a desire to learn and it is a powerful trigger to the imagination.

Students who have object handling sessions will learn about how museum conservators look after objects. They will be taught how to safely handle the objects themselves and can then study them closely. Students can use this opportunity to do some detailed observational drawing, and 3D studies. It is also a chance for them to develop their natural curiosity by using questioning and basic research skills. By allowing their enquiry to expand, they will naturally reach out to many subject areas: from geography and history, to mathematics and more.

Object handling sessions are a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in discussion, and to share their points of view. They are the perfect stimulus for language learning; increasing vocabulary, writing poems or stories. The sessions also offer the opportunity for other creative responses; a variety of art-making activities, music and performance.