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Francis Bacon and the Masters

This resource is an accompaniment to the 'Francis Bacon and the Masters' exhibition. It has been created as a result of conversations between members of the education team when visiting the exhibition and provides useful starting points to consider when visiting the show.

Approaching Art

On these pages you will find resources which have been complied for use alongside courses or to extend ways of working with works of art. We will be adding new things from time to time, especially about aspects of world art, so keep looking out for new material.

This volume has been compiled principally for primary school and special needs teachers, but we hope that it will be useful for any teacher, parent or generally interested person who wants to:

  • Develop their understanding of art
  • Prepare for teaching about art of different periods and cultures
  • Work with their pupils in the development of art education, including practical art, based on such understanding.

Art as a Window on the World

This pack is primarily aimed at teachers working with pupils at KS2, although it could easily be used with children of different ages.

The pack uses the idea of objects as a window on the world to suggest new strategies for learning and developing new ideas through object based work. Although objects from the Sainsbury Centre's permanent collection are used here, the suggested framework can be used with any object you wish to work with, in or out of the classroom.


The book is intended for all those people who are interested in teaching about art and learning about art. These might include teachers of art or other humanities subjects; parents who want to familiarise themselves with the Collection and work on interpretations with their own children; and students or other visitors to the Gallery who want introductory guidance to parts of the Collection.

It is based on our experience of teaching about objects from various periods and cultures across the world, available in the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection.

Starting Points

The content of Starting Points is based on a number of key decisions by the editors about how to best help teachers and their pupils. We seek to stimulate a sense of enquiry by those who look at art objects, allowing individuality and openness in responses to them. The materials are intended to start off the process of questioning and responding, allowing those who use them to work constructively and actively on the development of approaches to the objects in the Collection.

Some material from Starting Points has been reworked to form the more recent Approaching Art resource.