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Sainsbury Centre Artists Programme

Sainsbury Centre Artists Programme is a collaborative initiative for artists with a particular interest in working from collections, and with people.

The programme supports the development of research and practice through a series of artist-led discussions, making sessions and critical enquiry. It aims to provide peer led learning opportunities, networking and professional development in a mutually supportive context.

Each session focuses on a different theme or approach, with suggested readings to encourage critical engagement with ideas around artist practice and working in the public realm. Participating artists are invited to present projects, pose questions and lead activities for the group. The focus of the sessions is decided by the participants, in discussion with the programme facilitators.

Please be aware that places are limited, all artists are encouraged to attend and
actively participate in each of the sessions, creating a critical community to shape and
inform the programme. 

For more information, please contact Nell Croose Myhill: