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Rachel Anstey-Sanders

I am a textile artist, working primarily with felt, stitch and found objects to create abstract hanging pieces with a sculptural feel. Elements of touch and texture are embedded in my work both through the creative act and an invitation to touch the final pieces.

In my practice I am currently focused on the meeting point between humans and nature - places where they interact and interfere through use and modification over time: landscapes interrupted by man made structures and the power of nature expressed through the erosion and decay of materials.
I am inspired by objects I can hold and handle, including items that are worn on the body.  I am a collector of such things, and enjoy working with other collections such as are exhibited at the Sainsbury Centre. As a felt maker I am also interested in historical and cultural traditions of craft.

In my Educator role, I deliver workshops for all ages in museums, schools and other public settings. My approach is always as a fellow learner and whatever I give in terms of creative or practical skills, I look for ways in which my own experience can be enhanced through collaboration with others. My favourite projects reflect my own practice in that the outcomes are fluid; an often surprising result of the combination of exciting materials and creative effort.