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Lucie Rie - Bottle with flared rim

Rie, Lucie (1902 - 1995)
Bottle with flared rim
England, c. 1974
Porcelain, brown glaze with sgraffito
h 260 x d 124 mm

Born in Vienna, Lucie Rie established a career as a potter before moving to England at the outset of World War II. Rie was among the most influential potters working in Britain in the late twentieth century, consistently producing innovative modernist work. Rie would apply glaze to unfired clay and fire it once, this was a practical decision at first, but later became a key feature of her practice. The large group of pots and buttons in the Collection testifies to the long friendship between Lucie Rie and Lisa Sainsbury and to Lisa's assiduous patronage.

This image is reproduced by kind premission of the artist's estate.

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