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Edmund De Waal - From the Collection of a Private Man

from the collection of a private man, 2011
57 porcelain vessels in white glazes with gilding, wood and glass vitrine
115 3 75 3 15 cm
Collection of Edmund de Waal
Photo: Iain Sketlon

This art work by British potter and writer Edmund De Waal was featured in the Barbican exhibition Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector, on display at the Sainsbury Centre from 12 September 2015 to 24 January 2016. This piece was displayed with the artist's Japanese netsuke, whose stories were told in the award winning memoir The Hare with the Amber Eyes in 2010.  
from the collection of a private man (2011) is a grouping of simple forms, the classic cylinders, but also plates and shallow dishes. Some are stacked on or within one another, and the whole speaks quietly of a certain domesticity, a quiet authority and dignity, the owner perhaps having just stepped out of the room while we peruse and wonder what story hides behind the surface. (Source: Magnificent Obsessions catalogue, 2015, p77)

from the Collection of a Private Man is now on long-term loan at the Centre, and currently on display alongside the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection.

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