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Gifts from the Judith S. Novak collection

10 December - 30 June 2017


This display celebrates the collection of Judith S. Novak and showcases works which are gifted to the Sainsbury Centre. An art enthusiast and avid collector, her donation embraces a range of material principally from Japan but also from Britain. Works from the Edo (1615–1868) and Meiji periods (1868–1912) in Japan include cabinets, tables and folding screens and smaller pieces such as teapots, baskets and wooden inlaid boxes. The British material comprises English Victorian majolica by Wedgwood and Minton, and Arts and Crafts metalwork by Omar Ramsden, possibly made for The Brompton Oratory.

The works gifted to the Sainsbury Centre will richly complement the Japanese material in the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury collection. The images from the Flower Rondeau series (1997) by the celebrated photographer Nobuyoshi Araki (b.1940), currently on display in the Masters of Japanese Photography exhibition on the Mezzanine, are a planned bequest to the Sainsbury Centre. Pieces from the Judith S. Novak collection have also been gifted to the Victoria and Albert Museum and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Sainsbury Centre would like to thank Judith S. Novak for this act of benefaction.