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Ackroyd & Harvey Beuys' Acorns and Stranded

9 March - 28 July 2013

Artists Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey have collaborated since 1990. Exploring sculpture, architecture, installation and photography, their work is underpinned by research into natural and ecological processes which has led them to focus on environmental and scientific concerns.

In 2003 they made their first expedition to the High Arctic as part of the Cape Farewell project, which brought together artists and scientists to witness visible effects of climate change on the natural environment and to investigate and respond to what they saw. The resulting work Stranded is on show here at the Sainsbury Centre.

Much of their work is time based, Beuys' Acorns is a long term research project aiming to generate discussion and reflection on scientific, political and creative economies and the cultural and environmental significance of trees. Ackroyd & Harvey gratefully acknowledge Kristina Borjesson for patronage of Beuys' Acorns and Barcham Trees, Willerby Landscapes and UEA ground staff for support in kind.

  • How can art be a “transformative agent”? 
  • How can artists and scientists collaborate in response to climate change issues? 
  • What messages do you take from this exhibition about the environment?
  • What role should museums be playing in the climate change debate?

The project is funded by the EU as part of the Interreg initiative, designed to stimulate cross-border cooperation and explore shared culture and heritage. This is a collaboration until 2015 with: Fabrica art gallery, Brighton Municipal Museum for the Ville de Calais Communauté d'Agglomération du CalaisisFRAC Basse Normandie, Caen,