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Sainsbury Abstract Collection

The Sainsbury Abstract Collection represents a major collection of paintings from the second half of the 20th century.

It includes 96 paintings and works on paper and was largely acquired by Lady Sainsbury, but is not formally part of the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection.

The collection is principally of works from the Ecole de Paris of the post second world war period as Paris re-asserted itself as the centre of the international artworld.

The collection shows a strong preference for lyrical abstraction and Tachism, art movements that flourished in France from 1945 to roughly 1960 and exhibit an expressive calligraphic style, away from the hard edged geometric abstraction of the pre-war period.

Notable artists included in the collection are Jean Fautrier, Charles Maussion, Mubin Orhon, André Lanskoy, Leon Zacks, Bernard Dufour, and Jean-Marie Calmettes.