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Other Collections

The Family Collection 

In 2010 the Sainsbury Centre formed the Family Collection. This consists of 200 objects acquired by Sir Robert and Lisa Sainsbury and donated to the university, but are not formally part of the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection. 

The objects range from formal artworks to personal effects. The collection is essentially a study collection and adds to the contextual history of the formation of the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection.

The Vice Chancellor (VC) Collection

The Sainsbury Centre is the University Museum for the University of East Anglia and holds a collection of works associated with the life of the university. This includes formal portraits as well as works donated to the university to commemorate various aspects of the university’s activities. 

The collection consists of 337 works of art across all media. Many of these works are displayed across the University Campus.

The Silver Collection

The Silver Collection consists of 97 pieces of ceremonial silver. Some of the items are associated directly with ceremonial aspects of the University, such as the Mace designed by Christopher Lawrence (for Gerald Benney) which is on display in the UEA Council Chamber.