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Acquisition Policy

The development of collections is a core activity of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA) and reflects our desire to bring to our visitors the best possible enjoyment and education concerning the visual arts. But any growth in our collections will be measured against sustainable growth and how we can care for the collections. SCVA will seek to expand the range, depth and texture of the collections by making acquisitions that clearly relate to the ethos of the institution as explained in the Collections Development Policy.

All works of art proposed for acquisition are considered through the same procedures, whether offered as purchase, gift or bequest, or allocated by the Government in lieu of tax. Proposals are discussed and assessed by SCVA staff and their recommendations are considered by the Senior Management Group. Final assessments and decisions are made by the Director. All decisions, however, rest ultimately with the Board of Trustees who acts on behalf of the University of East Anglia.